As the people behind Le Boi, we refuse to be limited by social norms and stereotypes. We believe that beauty is genderless, and we create products that build confidence and inspire boundless creativity.


Traditional beauty giants created gender-specific marketing to drive sales, but gender in consumption could be nothing more than a social construct that can evoke harmful psychological effects. There is more conversation about inclusivity and ending gender bias now, and Le Boi wants to be a part of this movement. We want to introduce new beauty perspectives and create a safe space for the youth to develop their true identity.


All of Le Boi's products are designed with three Le Boi senses: edgy, creativity, and nurturing. We pay close attention to our customers' needs, and we make sure that our products have a distinct edge and can nurture diverse creativities. At Le Boi, we create clean and natural skincare products that are skin-type oriented; we design fashion accessories to reach more customers and celebrate a very rare boyish aesthetic within the beauty industry.

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Hi :) 

I am Yuze Le (he/him), 

founder of



MBA & MA in Design Leadership 

Thank you for visiting the Le Boi Universe - our official website, and I hope you like what you see!


It has been a dream-come-true experience for me to build this brand from scratch and share my vision with you! 

I developed my interest in skincare and beauty since high school, but I kept it a secret till a couple of years ago because I was too shy to express it. For a long time, I struggled to find the perfect products that could help me express my identity. So I made Le Boi - a gender-neutral brand that offers a unique aesthetic and wants customers to feel seen, understood, and inspired.


I want to thank the MICA community and the Up/Start competition for this precious opportunity. I can't wait to see what's next for Le Boi! 


Please feel free to leave me a message by going to the "contact" page.


Again, it is so nice to have you here! I will see you around.


Your friend,