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Later this year, we plan to launch a new product – Le Boi Solid Perfume. This product utilizes innovative packaging to offer a sleek, eye-catching design: two unisex scented solid perfume balms live in a pendant-like packaging. This brand-new design is inspired by customer feedback.


After talking to our existing and potential customers, we learned that they would love to see a hero product that could tell more about Le Boi as a brand. Through interviews, we heard the younger generation cares about their personal scents, and many times women were using men's cologne. We see an opportunity to use scents to help our customers define moods or personalities. We want to combine a fragrance product with jewelry-like packaging to be one-of-a-kind, edgy, and portable.


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Traditional perfume is alcohol-based. However, the Le Boi Solid Perfume will be designed with a  wax-based formula. This design will make it easier to refill – as customers can simply replace the wax cartridges – more sustainable and travel-friendly. All of these factors make the product perfect for post-COVID on-the-go lifestyles. Including two different scented solid perfumes in one package will allow our customers to choose what they want to wear based on their mood or mix them to create an additional scent. We plan on using a part of the Up/Start fund to support the development of this product.